Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Book review - "As a man thinketh"

With so much focus on this poor economy its imperative to take care of our thoughts. If you keep listening to the media and the negative people around you, you're going to have bad thoughts. That's why I highly recommend "As a man thinketh" by James Allen. This book will enlighten you on how important your thoughts are directly related to your happiness. It's a very read and a great resource to turn to as much as needed.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Closing the Gap

When I see a bridge it reminds me of connecting to points A and B. In life we have a lot of bridges to cross. Well at least we should unless were taking an alternate route. Taking an alternate route most likely will be longer and its possible you may not get to your destination. What bridges are you crossing in your life right now? Are you crossing too many bridges and struggling? You need to decide what's the most important bridge to cross right now. Assess where you are, get clear, before you keep "trying" to cross. The most important action is to know "why" you want to cross the bridge. Then compile a list of actions that will propel you over the bridge to the other side! So remember, get clear, know why you want to cross in the first place and take massive action. Please visit http://www.askresultscoach.com/ as a resource for your success.