Thursday, December 29, 2011

Success 2012 Virtual Event!

You realize 2012 is right around the corner, don't you? Well are you excited? A new year, a clean slate and a new beginning... Or is it just a different number to write on your check? Have you lost your excitement about the new year because the previous ones didn't seem to work out. Well join me in Success 2012 a virtual seminar. I'm hosting it and have hand picked 12 other transformational speakers. There's a wonderful mix of personal strategy along with business. The common thread they all bring to the seminar is abundance of energy! You'll want to be part of the seminar because it will give you a natural and organic boost. How you want 2012 to look is completely up to you. You can make 2012 different by doing something different. Remember the definition of insanity; doing the same stuff expecting different results. Change your approach in life and join us in the seminar. Oh by the way it's complimentary so get registered now

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Think and Grow Rich Teleseminar - Desires

Napolen Hill author "Think and Grow Rich" is a classic with so much to offer. That's why I decide to use it as a teleseminar. This week I'll be discussing Desires. If you want to make a difference in your life you'll need to do your part. I've always felt investing in my own well being was so important and simple. However the things that are important and simple are easy to do. They are also easy not to do. Invest in yourself and join the "Think and Grow Rich" series. To get registered for the teleseminar click link

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ironman Mindset.... What it takes to achieve BIG goals in life

I've been told if you want a short cut in life (in a good way) find someone who's doing really well and model them. Think about it.... If you want to lose weight and become healthy, would you go ask someone who's over weight and always sick. NO!!! Well I invite you to attend my upcoming interview the expert teleseminar. I have the distinguished pleasure to invite Chris McDonald a 4 time Ironman Champion! Wow that's very impressive. He obviously as some self discipline we could all learn. So join us because success leaves clues. To get the details click this link See you on the call.

Friday, October 7, 2011

What is Self Sabotage?

What is self sabotage? Where did it come from? I heard that back in the 80's there was this bug infecting mankind. A "Self Sabotage" bug that's out biting people which is contagious and couldn't be cured. No of course that didn't happen. Self-sabotage is nothing more than a mental block. It's not physical. It becomes physical but starts with mental images. The perception of who you are, in your mind's eye, how you see things, good or bad. I can't tell you how many times in a client has said, "I've really been postponing doing this activity." An example could be their business such as making calls. My client will tell me, "I just didn't want to call my clients today." They were scheduled to call the beginning of the month. No calls were made at the beginning, middle or end.

Now, there is tremendous amount of pain. Why? Why did my client not make those phone calls? Simply because he had a mental block. In his mind's eye, he saw something that wasn't good. He chose to see clients firing him. His mental image was the client telling him his services are no longer needed. So that's what he saw in his eye. It's all about the movie he saw in his head. As time went on it got more painful and there was a block. He self-sabotaged himself. The pain finally got him to move and take action and make some calls. To his dismay the calls went very well. The client was pleased to hear from him. What actually happened versus what he chose to see were quite the opposite. He realized the only problem was himself. After making one call and realizing it wasn't bad he made many more calls.

This wasn't a physical limitation - he had the ability to pick up the phone and dial. What blocked him was his mental image. Have you ever had a thought that something was going to go bad? How long did you let this mental image block you? The mental image our mind creates is our perception. Our perception impairs us because of the bad feeling we've created. I've worked with clients all over the world and seen it to many times. Self sabotage holds us back from what we truly desire.

Become aware that you are sabotaging yourself. If you find yourself saying something like, "I know what I need to do.... to become healthy, lose weight, build muscle, I know what to do for my business, for my profession, or as a parent." Whatever it is, they know what they need to do but they don't do it. "Why don't I do it?" Which then I tell them you sabotage yourself. You have this mental block that you allow, that you've conditioned over and over and over to the point where it is not conscious to you at all.

The first strategy in breaking through self sabotage is awareness. I mentioned this is a behavior that you've been doing for so long. You're not conscious of it - you don't see it. So, become aware in other words - wake up. Over the next 10 days put up your antennas and become aware of your sabotage behaviors. Are you going to continue to be your own block to success? To learn more listen to the replay teleseminar - Self Sabotage NO MORE!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anything is possible....

Sunday, August 28th I accomplished a major personal goal - I completed the Ironman Triathlon. I'm very blessed, grateful and proud of this accomplishment. This was such a great experience and I learned so much about myself. First, face your fear and and make a decision to go after your goal. Talk is cheap.... Action is the real deal. Once I got into my training I realized I needed to become my own voice. There's a voice in all of us that prevents us from achieving our goals. The voice that says, "Hey nobody else is getting up so early" or "Why are you shooting for such a big goal." This voice needed to be hushed and I did just that! In my coaching business, I've come to realize, we all have a voice that prevents us from playing big in life. This voice creates a mindset and that's are destiny. Your mind is everything. If you want to transform your life, you'll need to transform your mind. Sounds so simple doesn't it. In order for me to accomplish a major endurance race like the Ironman, I need a mindset saying I can. I'm very proud to be amongst the finest triathlon family - Ironman. Anything is possible.... What life transforming goal have you been putting off?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finishing Your Race.....

Last weekend I completed Ironman 70.3 Muncie, IN triathlon. This is a half Ironman. I've finished other half ironman races but this one had a different lesson. So we're all on the same page a triathlon is three sports; swim, bike and jog. A half ironman is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 jog. What lesson did I learn - finishing. I had the intention of finishing my race at a specific time. Well as the race went on all was good until the jog. It was a very hot day actually it was extremely HOT. As I was making my way through the 13.1 miles, I realized the real goal was finishing. The conditions were much different than I expected so adjusting my outcome never changed - finishing the race. Sure it would have been great to have completed in a better time but finishing it was the ultimate goal. In life we need to adjust our expectations but understand the target never changed - to finish. So let my lesson be a gift to you. Keep your eye on your target and understand how it plays out may be different than you planned. But don't give up, stay with it and finish, you'll still feel amazing and very proud of your commitment. What resources do you need to take your life to the next level?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Group Coaching Teleseries - "Inf"YOU"-n-cial Mastery"

I'm very excited about my upcoming Group Coaching Tele-series - "Inf"YOU"-n-cial Mastery". I'm going to be focusing on four area's: Following Through, Building Confidence, Staying Motivated and Life Results. All are welcome and the insight and strategies will support you no matter where you are in life.

Are you sick and tired of not getting the results and always falling short? I've found that most people don't follow through on a consistent basis. Do you lack self-confidence? What would your life look like as a confident individual? I'll be taking you through strategies to have the confidence to own your life.

Let's face it we need motivation to keep going. I'll help you create a system so that everyday you are feeling great and you're ready to take action and not let anything stop you.

Isn't it frustrating when you fall short of your goals? In order to achieve life results we need a system and strategy that works. That's also a focus in this tele-series.

To get more information on the group coaching tele-series "Inf"YOU"-n-cial Mastery" click this link

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Power of Your Mind!

I recently had a coaching session with a client and we discussed the differences between our conscious mind vs. subconscious. Let me give you a fact so you understand the reason for sharing my clients experience. Our conscious mind plays the smaller part of our behavior roughly 10-15 percent while the majority 85% of our behavior comes from our subconscious mind. Okay, those are the facts from our scientific world. So what is our subconscious mind? It's a tape recorder a data collector that has been taking it all in since day one. Our subconscious mind doesn't have any filter or judgement. It will play whatever has been conditioned or programed. Let's use an example to illustrate: driving the car. If you've been driving long enough, have you had a moment where you said, "Who's been driving the car?". You get to your destination and wonder how did I get here I can't remember the last couple of minutes? Well that's your subconscious mind taking over. So back to my clients experience. He was meeting with a very important person who he really respected and was somewhat intimidated. My client is allergic to cats and the person he was meeting with had 5 of them. Here's where the mind used it's power to serve. My client was so focused on the person and the value of getting everything out of this meeting. Through his emotional intensity his subconscious mind was able to step in and do whatever was necessary for him to not have any allergic reaction. My client said if I were anywhere else I would have been sneezing and coughing and having a difficult time to breath. This is the power of our mind - subconscious mind.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make Money

What ever you're striving to achieve more money, better relationships, health or career. You need to tame your ego. Your ego will protect you with fears and limiting beliefs. Watch the video to learn more....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Featuring Michael Nitti Author "The Tropy Effect"

Please join me on Tuesday, April 5th 8:30p EST / 7:30p CST / 5:30p PST and learn how to breakthrough a primary fear we all have - not being good enough. I have the honor to spend 60 minutes with author Michael Nitti. Michael and I will discuss how his book "The Trophy Effect" can transform your life. We'll highlight how to destroy self doubt, discover your true self and take control of your life forever.

Every day we place a trophy in our room validating that we are not good enough. The trophies vary in sizes depending on how much we feel we failed. Michael will show us how not to live in this room and he'll talk about the other room that's available. This room holds all the trophies of our good accomplishments.

So come learn how to live a happier more successful life! To register click this link now