Monday, June 9, 2008

Breaking Boards in Monroe, MI

Saturday, June 7, I had an amazing opportunity to do a training in Monroe, MI for a group of outstanding NSA Juice Plus+ distributors. It went so well primarily because of their willness to play fullout. Have you ever attended a workshop or presentation and you leave with good information but felt something was missing? Well there's a good chance something was missing. So many presentations are just at the first level which is intellectual. Meaning you get the information being presented and it makes sense and you understand it. Not only do you get it, but you expect change in your life because of this new information. Well learning new information isn't enough, we need to apply it and use it or as I say, "put it on". That's exactly what we did in Monroe and we learned to breakthrough by being in a peak emotional state. Everyone broke a board!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

May 2008 Momentum Newsletter

The Power of Questions
Rather you realize it or not your always asking yourself questions. You might be thinking, so what. Well, we become the questions we ask ourselves. If you ask poor questions, such as, "Why do I have to keep calling these dumb people back?". The odds are high your going to come up with some pretty poor answers. The natural behavior that follows will be an unresourceful emotional state. So we need to ask better question so we come up with better answers. Questions have the power to make change in your life right now! So if you want to change something in your life please set some time aside and answer these questions.

What are three of the most important things you need or want to change or improve in your life right now?

Of these three, which is the most important for you to change right now?

If you fail to change or improve this area of your life, what will it ultimately cost you?

If you could truly change X to what you want, how would your life be greater? What would happen and how would you benefit? What would the results be?

If I had a system that could absolutely help you achieve X, would you commit to whatever is necessary to take advantage of it?

Grab your calendar and write in the following date when your going to take action.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Instant Gratification

I've found a common issue with my clients that hold them back in accomplishing their goals - instant gratification. It seems most people want the goal but really its not the goal they want, its the benefit of the goal. If you have a real fairly challenging goal your currently working towards you've most likely felt the bite of instant gratification. We want the goal right now or as I mention the benefit. Now what is the true benefit achieving a goal? It's the emotional benefit, right! The feeling is the fuel and we feel deprived when the goal seems so far. So figure out what emotion this goal will give you - joy, excitement or a sense of accomplishment. Then ask yourself do I have to wait to accomplish this goal to experience my desired emotion. Of course not and you already have proof. Have you ever reached your goal and didn't feel all that excited, why not? Because you experienced the goal so many times in your thoughts as if you accomplished it which made you feel joy, excitement etc. So when you feel the instant gratification bug has bitten you remember to feel the feeling you want when accomplishing the specific goal and you can have it right now!