Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Featuring Michael Nitti Author "The Tropy Effect"

Please join me on Tuesday, April 5th 8:30p EST / 7:30p CST / 5:30p PST and learn how to breakthrough a primary fear we all have - not being good enough. I have the honor to spend 60 minutes with author Michael Nitti. Michael and I will discuss how his book "The Trophy Effect" can transform your life. We'll highlight how to destroy self doubt, discover your true self and take control of your life forever.

Every day we place a trophy in our room validating that we are not good enough. The trophies vary in sizes depending on how much we feel we failed. Michael will show us how not to live in this room and he'll talk about the other room that's available. This room holds all the trophies of our good accomplishments.

So come learn how to live a happier more successful life! To register click this link now