Monday, November 26, 2012

Do You Want the Secrets on How to Gain Self Confidence?

Do You Want the Secrets on How to Gain Self Confidence?

Pssst.  Come here, a little closer. I have a secret. Do you want the secrets to gain self-confidence? Hi, this is Darryl Jarmosco and I’m personally very happy you’re here with me today. Today I want to share 5 secrets on how to gain self-confidence. And a great way to remember on how to gain self-confidence is the 5 P’s. Alright are you ready? Take some notes.

Secret number 1 to gain self-confidence is point of reference.  That’s right, point of reference. Stop wasting time giving all the energy to what’s not working. Now right now, think of a time when you did something that was really awesome. So maybe you played basketball or baseball or soccer, you can tell I like sports, or any other sport, and you did really well. Maybe it was just in practice, maybe it was in the game. The thing is you gained confidence in that moment in the sport. Or it was career-related and you gained confidence at work. We all have a point of reference in our lives where it will help us gain confidence in the moment. We just have to use that point of reference. It’s all there inside of us. 

Secret number 2 to gain self-confidence is the power of focus.  Energy flows where focus goes.  Hey, I think you can tweet that if you’d like. Focusing on what’s bad, you’re not going to gain self-confidence.  Now if you focus on what’s great, that will gain self-confidence.  And along with focus is don’t allow yourself to get distracted.  Here’s a scenario. I live in the mid-west of America, Fairfield, Iowa, the field of dreams. Well after a cold winter, my family we head towards this beautiful lake called Lake Michigan where there are beaches.  The lake is beautiful. We have a lot of summer fun.  It’s easy to lose focus so don’t get distracted. That puts your confidence down. 

Alright, secret number 3 to gain self-confidence is the power of vision.  In your mind’s eye, see what you want.  I mean see what you want to see. See success. It’s that easy.  Psychologists have taken athletes, let’s just say a track athlete, and they’ve studied their brain when they were doing their sport.  So they were running around the track and they were studying their brain to see which part of their brain was being activated. They’d take that same athlete, they’d sit them down in the lab. They’d say now just in your mind’s eye, do that exact same thing. Do the sport upstairs and just think it through. And they were once again watching the brain and seeing where it’s activated.  They’re identical from the time that they’re out on the track to the time they’re just sitting in the lab not even moving just thinking about seeing themselves do the sport. The brain was activated the same way. That’s the power of vision.

Secret number 4 to gain self-confidence is the power of clarity. Get clear on what you want. I’m going to say it again, get clear on what you want. I know for me personally, when I have a clear target, my energy goes through the roof. When I’m not clear I literally have my confidence drop. So you have to be clear on what it is you’re going after. 

Secret number 5 on how to gain self-confidence is the power of thoughts.  Take control of your thinking, your conscious thinking. Listen. Listen to that voice inside. What is it telling you? Is it beating you up telling you that you can’t do this? See every day we’re selling ourselves on either what we can do or what we can’t do. So start selling yourself on what’s possible, what you can do. That’s a conscious effort that you have to put into every single day. 

Remember to build self-confidence, confidence is the emotional feeling. That means every single day it needs effort. And here are 5 strategies on how to gain self-confidence. Once again, the point of reference, the power of focus, the power of vision, the power of clarity, and the power of thought, 5 simple easy strategies for you to gain self-confidence.  

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Monday, November 12, 2012

How To Stop Procrastination

How to Stop Procrastination 

Hi, this is Darryl Jarmosco and I am a life coach. And a very common area that I help my clients is in procrastination. So, I'd love to have the opportunity to help you as well. Do you realize that 20% of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators?  Hey, college seems to do a really good job over there on procrastination; 70% of students identify themselves as procrastinators. 

So what is procrastination or what is chronic procrastination?  Well, number one, it’s people that put things off, some serious things, things that have consequences. If you've ever put off your taxes, your income taxes, and you're just behind in that. If you are constantly late on paying your bills and maybe you get late charges. Or you need to go to the bank to put money in and you don't put the money in and you might bounce a check.  I mean things that have serious consequences. 

But it's also the same thing as you're just always behind. In regards to projects that you have, you seem to wait until the very last minute and then you get all stressed out. That's procrastination.  So here's what I really want to have you understand. There are effects to procrastination. Number one is it weakens the immune system. It keeps you up at nighttime. It keeps you awake. You don't sleep so well. You keep putting things off and it sends that stress through your body. When you're late on things, you don't realize it but it's more stress. Those stress hormones going through your body and it wears you out so much faster. 

And speaking of wearing out, it wears out relationships.  You know, it burdens others.  It begins for them to start labeling you as an unreliable person. But there is good news. Number one is procrastinators are made not born.  I want to say that again. Procrastinators are made, not born. So the good news is it's learned response. It’s a learned behavior. And what's learned can be unlearned. So that's the good news. Here's the challenge is if you've been procrastinating, this has been in your system. This has been a program that you’ve been running on for a while. It takes focused energy to change, and that's not always easy for people.  However, I've been really fortunate with my coaching with my clients is we’ve created some change. 

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So the questions is, are you ready to get those simple and effective strategies?  I hope you are. So if you're ready to become that person who you really are at the core, remember you weren't born this way, this is a learned behavior. So if you want to get stuff done, and most importantly, if you want to start getting results in your life, get registered.  Go on the web page which is  Once again And if you’re actually on the web page here, go ahead and put your name and email in and go ahead and click submit. Once again, my name is Darryl Jarmosco and I will see you on the other side.