Friday, April 23, 2010

What's your purpose?

I have found so many people squirm when asked the question, "What's your purpose?" Why is that? Why do we struggle with knowing our purpose? What's your ultimate purpose in life? Don't we just want to be "happy"? Isn't that the answer? We just want to be happy. Then why so much confusion and difficulty in finding our purpose? I have found that people say one thing however they do the opposite. Here's an example - I want more freedom, choice, time with my family and to make a difference. However, their making decisions every day that actually get themselves further from what they want. They accumulate more stuff expecting happiness.

We are given our purpose/dharma coming into this world (my belief). We go through life searching and seeking when it's already inside. We need to get aligned with our authentic self our divine spirit. If you choose to be happy every day and become unattached to things and more attached to who you are, happiness will be found. Lets face it, life is a journey and our creator wants us to experience life. We'll have victories and defeats, we need both to grow as conscious individuals.

What can you do today that will get you closer to your authentic self?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Web Radio Interview - Wayne Hurlbert

This was a very nice interview by Wayne on April 8, 2010. If you want to learn more about accomplishing your goals then listen to the interview.


Live your mission.