Monday, May 21, 2012

20 seconds of courage...

Over the weekend my family watched "We bought a zoo" starring Matt Damon. It was a very good movie and I'd recommend it. I felt it had a good message and it grabs your heart. Matt Damon plays a dad who loses his wife and left with two children. They move out of the city to the country and purchase a zoo. Matt's brother in the movie gave him a principal to live by. You only need 20 seconds of courage. I love that message! One example in the movie and how he applied it was how he met his wife. He said to himself, "I only need 20 seconds of courage". So he went and introduced himself. Another example was making a decision on what to do about the zoo. I'll leave that for you to watch.

I love the principal that you only need 20 seconds of courage! What would be different in your life if you where courageous for 20 seconds?

This is a true story which gives it even more meaning.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Want Freedom!

Men, I have a question for you? Do you want balance in life or freedom? Yesterday my wife had some time with her girlfriends which I of course supported her. Later in the day she asked, “What do you need?” I didn’t have an answer in the moment. Usually, I think in the context of being balanced. If we are working to much, we want something else. Well after some time passed, I had this high energy thought come through me. I WANT FREEDOM! It made total sense. Balance isn’t as important to men as the finish line. Let’s challenge that thought. When you watch a sports game you love the battle with a time frame. The finish or completion of the game is freedom. We like knowing there’s an end. Does this make sense? Where in your life do you want more freedom? Get clear on what it looks like and take action.