Monday, April 30, 2012

Hope... Cope... Or get it Done!

Alright men here’s a situation that maybe you’ve encountered. You have a household dilemma. You learn that the dryer is having issues and not drying the clothes. Oh for you men who have no idea what a dryer is. After your clothes come out of the washer, they need to be dried. They are then placed into the dryer. Okay so now that we got that clear. Back to the dilemma. So once I heard the dryer wasn’t working properly, I was hoping it would fix itself. Oh come on, like you never did the same. I just don’t want to fuss with the damn thing. I’m not an appliance repair guy. Well, I got involved with it once the official repair guy come over.  We were told the heat gismo wasn’t working. After dealing with two different repair guys, the heat gismo was fixed. At least that’s what we thought. As the clothes were piling up we were happy to have it fixed. I was also happy not having to purchase a new dryer. Well after throwing a load in my wife said, “It’s not drying....” Great!!! I thought this was water under the bridge. Over and done. Now I had to cope with a supposedly fixed dryer that’s not drying the clothes. I remember the repair guy telling me as he finished the job. He said, “You need to make sure the ventilation is good so clean the hose. I’m thinking, “Whatever my friend, I wrote you a check and it’s done”. Well after many more attempts of drying, my wife reported back about three times longer to dry.
I spoke with the repair guy and he asked if I cleaned the hose. Yea, sure I did. He actually asked again and when I did it. He knew who he was speaking too, a guy. I wasn’t completely B.Sing him. I cleaned the front where it supposed to collect the lent.
Get it Done! My little experience is an example of how we as men show up. As men we’d be so much better if we step up the first time and just get it done. Well after I got off the phone with the repair guy. I made a decision to clean the tube out. He said if there’s poor ventilation the moisture won’t get out which is the reason the clothes aren’t drying completely. 
After about an hour worth of work I cleaned the tube. It was pretty stuffed up. Have you gone through the hope... cope... behavior? Is there something in your life where you need to step up and get it done? Go for it, face it and get it done. 
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Until next time brother...