Monday, December 3, 2012

How to Achieve Your Goals in Less Than 30 Days

How to Achieve Your Goals in Less Than 30 Days

Hi. This is Darryl Jarmosco, and in this video I’m going to show you how to achieve your goals in less than 30 days, so stay tuned. You can achieve whatever you’d like to do in as little as 30 days. Whether you’re looking to achieve your dreams or you’re looking to achieve goals in your career, at work, in your relationships, it can be done in as little as 30 days. You just need to have a different way to approach it.

Ok, so here’s the deal. People can look at it and say can you really achieve goals in as little as 30 days or even less? And I say absolutely. And I’m not trying to play a game, this isn’t some BS. Here’s the deal, most people are good at setting goals.  I shouldn’t say most, but people can set goals.   My clients have told me day in and day out, Darryl I can set the goals. The problem is I come out of the gates, I’m really excited, and then I’m just kind of poo- poo. I fall apart. That’s their pattern. They do that over and over and over, and it gets really frustrating. 

So here you go. Take a look at my arm so I can get it all the way in there. There it is. How long is my arm? It’s not very long. The point is you have to have a goal within arm’s reach. I used to keep saying that over and over and over. So yes you can set a goal for where you want to be 12 months from now or further.  But the further it goes out we start to forget about it. The accountability starts to drop.  So what we need to do is keep it right in our face. That’s what we need to do. 

So take a goal. Let’s say it was a money goal or a health goal. You’ve got to get really clear on the goal. Then also you have this whole where do I need to be in say 30 days? So if I wanted to lose 24 pounds, what would that look like 30 days from now? Do the math. That means I would have to lose 2 pounds in the next 30 days.  So in our heads that works so much easier. Losing 24 pounds a year from now or 12 months from now verses losing 2 pounds in the next 30 days, all of a sudden the mindset shifts.  You’re more accountable, game on, and you’re more likely to get that momentum going. You achieve it in 30 days.  You celebrate because it feels good that you actually accomplished just a piece of the goal. But you’ve got that momentum going. 

So if you want to achieve your goals, you may have to change your approach to how you’re doing it.  You can achieve goals in less than 30 days. It’s not a game being played here, it’s real. You just have to come up with a clear goal. If it’s a goal that’s way out there, a year or two years out, where do I need to be in a portion of it? Where do I need to be in 30 days, because it is real results.  It’s not your ultimate result, I understand that. But it’s a piece of it. And you have to go through that piece anyway to get to the next one to get to your ultimate goal. 

So you can achieve a goal or results in as little as 30 days. It will keep your energy completely excited. So here’s your action plan right here. What I would like you to do is write down a clear goal, what you want to do, a money goal, weight goal, eating better goal, relationship goal, whatever it is.  And if it goes beyond, if it’s a six month goal or beyond, just work it out, prorate it so to speak at what it will look like every 30 days. Get really focused on that first 30 days. Get excited about it and then get your plan put together and then you execute.  I’ve seen it work over and over and over. Ok.

So with that you can achieve it in 30 days. You just need to change your approach. You need to change the way you were doing it and I think this new way will certainly help you, it’ll keep your energy up, keep you excited about it, and you’ll start building some massive momentum and get some results in your life and keep you going forward. 

So with that I’m glad you stayed with me in this video. Once again, if you liked my video, please like it. Don’t keep me a secret. Go ahead and share this video with your friends, your family, Facebook, wherever you want to.  And I’m so welcoming any of your comments.  Either it’s a cool video Darryl, or hey I have a question for you, or I would like to see this in a future video.  I welcome all your comments so please go ahead and do that as well. So with that we’ll see you on the next video. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Do You Want the Secrets on How to Gain Self Confidence?

Do You Want the Secrets on How to Gain Self Confidence?

Pssst.  Come here, a little closer. I have a secret. Do you want the secrets to gain self-confidence? Hi, this is Darryl Jarmosco and I’m personally very happy you’re here with me today. Today I want to share 5 secrets on how to gain self-confidence. And a great way to remember on how to gain self-confidence is the 5 P’s. Alright are you ready? Take some notes.

Secret number 1 to gain self-confidence is point of reference.  That’s right, point of reference. Stop wasting time giving all the energy to what’s not working. Now right now, think of a time when you did something that was really awesome. So maybe you played basketball or baseball or soccer, you can tell I like sports, or any other sport, and you did really well. Maybe it was just in practice, maybe it was in the game. The thing is you gained confidence in that moment in the sport. Or it was career-related and you gained confidence at work. We all have a point of reference in our lives where it will help us gain confidence in the moment. We just have to use that point of reference. It’s all there inside of us. 

Secret number 2 to gain self-confidence is the power of focus.  Energy flows where focus goes.  Hey, I think you can tweet that if you’d like. Focusing on what’s bad, you’re not going to gain self-confidence.  Now if you focus on what’s great, that will gain self-confidence.  And along with focus is don’t allow yourself to get distracted.  Here’s a scenario. I live in the mid-west of America, Fairfield, Iowa, the field of dreams. Well after a cold winter, my family we head towards this beautiful lake called Lake Michigan where there are beaches.  The lake is beautiful. We have a lot of summer fun.  It’s easy to lose focus so don’t get distracted. That puts your confidence down. 

Alright, secret number 3 to gain self-confidence is the power of vision.  In your mind’s eye, see what you want.  I mean see what you want to see. See success. It’s that easy.  Psychologists have taken athletes, let’s just say a track athlete, and they’ve studied their brain when they were doing their sport.  So they were running around the track and they were studying their brain to see which part of their brain was being activated. They’d take that same athlete, they’d sit them down in the lab. They’d say now just in your mind’s eye, do that exact same thing. Do the sport upstairs and just think it through. And they were once again watching the brain and seeing where it’s activated.  They’re identical from the time that they’re out on the track to the time they’re just sitting in the lab not even moving just thinking about seeing themselves do the sport. The brain was activated the same way. That’s the power of vision.

Secret number 4 to gain self-confidence is the power of clarity. Get clear on what you want. I’m going to say it again, get clear on what you want. I know for me personally, when I have a clear target, my energy goes through the roof. When I’m not clear I literally have my confidence drop. So you have to be clear on what it is you’re going after. 

Secret number 5 on how to gain self-confidence is the power of thoughts.  Take control of your thinking, your conscious thinking. Listen. Listen to that voice inside. What is it telling you? Is it beating you up telling you that you can’t do this? See every day we’re selling ourselves on either what we can do or what we can’t do. So start selling yourself on what’s possible, what you can do. That’s a conscious effort that you have to put into every single day. 

Remember to build self-confidence, confidence is the emotional feeling. That means every single day it needs effort. And here are 5 strategies on how to gain self-confidence. Once again, the point of reference, the power of focus, the power of vision, the power of clarity, and the power of thought, 5 simple easy strategies for you to gain self-confidence.  

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Monday, November 12, 2012

How To Stop Procrastination

How to Stop Procrastination 

Hi, this is Darryl Jarmosco and I am a life coach. And a very common area that I help my clients is in procrastination. So, I'd love to have the opportunity to help you as well. Do you realize that 20% of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators?  Hey, college seems to do a really good job over there on procrastination; 70% of students identify themselves as procrastinators. 

So what is procrastination or what is chronic procrastination?  Well, number one, it’s people that put things off, some serious things, things that have consequences. If you've ever put off your taxes, your income taxes, and you're just behind in that. If you are constantly late on paying your bills and maybe you get late charges. Or you need to go to the bank to put money in and you don't put the money in and you might bounce a check.  I mean things that have serious consequences. 

But it's also the same thing as you're just always behind. In regards to projects that you have, you seem to wait until the very last minute and then you get all stressed out. That's procrastination.  So here's what I really want to have you understand. There are effects to procrastination. Number one is it weakens the immune system. It keeps you up at nighttime. It keeps you awake. You don't sleep so well. You keep putting things off and it sends that stress through your body. When you're late on things, you don't realize it but it's more stress. Those stress hormones going through your body and it wears you out so much faster. 

And speaking of wearing out, it wears out relationships.  You know, it burdens others.  It begins for them to start labeling you as an unreliable person. But there is good news. Number one is procrastinators are made not born.  I want to say that again. Procrastinators are made, not born. So the good news is it's learned response. It’s a learned behavior. And what's learned can be unlearned. So that's the good news. Here's the challenge is if you've been procrastinating, this has been in your system. This has been a program that you’ve been running on for a while. It takes focused energy to change, and that's not always easy for people.  However, I've been really fortunate with my coaching with my clients is we’ve created some change. 

So you're watching this video right now and I would love for you to get more videos, the actual tips I go through, simple tips. So what you need to do is on this video right here, this web page, is put your name and email in the appropriate spot and just hit submit. And then you'll get those. Now if you've stumbled upon this video, I’m glad you did. But you're not going to be able to register. So you're saying well where is this web page?  So on this video right here you can see there's a web link typed across it, it's not a live link so you'll have to go ahead and take this and put it into your web browser, and it'll take you to the web page where you can actually get registered. 

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So the questions is, are you ready to get those simple and effective strategies?  I hope you are. So if you're ready to become that person who you really are at the core, remember you weren't born this way, this is a learned behavior. So if you want to get stuff done, and most importantly, if you want to start getting results in your life, get registered.  Go on the web page which is  Once again And if you’re actually on the web page here, go ahead and put your name and email in and go ahead and click submit. Once again, my name is Darryl Jarmosco and I will see you on the other side.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tools for positive energy for life

I recently had a coaching session with a client. He mentioned a fews years back life was tough. He expressed how he didn’t even feel like living. He wasn’t suicidal he was very down - depressed. Life had gotten heavy and from his perspective it defeated him. In our coaching session he said certain things can happen that bring the thoughts back. Thoughts come first and  then feelings. Your feelings are a direct reflection of what you’ve been thinking. 

His wife triggered some old thoughts and sure enough he gets really down. When his wife gets down and negative he attaches a meaning that he’s not doing good enough. He takes it personally, it’s his fault she’s feeling down. Our mind will take over and spiral down emotionally. He begins to look at all the bad things that aren’t working in his life. It doesn’t take long before he spirals down to feeling depressed.

Don’t let your program run. He had a wife who triggered his negative/depressing program. She’s not to blame at all. She’s not right to bring home negative energy but he must take responsibility for his own emotions. And that’s exactly what we did in our coaching session. I mentioned to him that every person needs to feed their mind with high level energy fuel.

Your probably thinking what the heck is high level energy fuel? Is it some sports drink? It’s consciously finding the positive in the world. Most of the time people are focusing on what’s not good. If we spend to much time focusing on the bad, we can find unhappiness very easily. I titled this chapter building new muscle because muscle is being built regardless. When we focus on what’s bad in life we’re building muscle (mental program) that tells us we can’t in life.

So we need to become conscious of the positive. Where in the world is the good thing happening. There are so many tools that you can use to create good emotions. How would it feel to be happy and have an exciting outlook on life? Every day! Holy cow would that be amazing or what? Well you can and you need to take over and drive the bus. So take control of your mind instead of having your mind take you over.

Here are some tools that will create great positive energy for life. The power of focusing. Choose what you focus on. Create a list of all the good things in life both personally and professionally. Be grateful every day. Ask the question, “What am I grateful for?” Speaking of questions that’s another great tool, ask empowering questions. Take 15 minutes every day to read a self improvement book. Journal every day on what was good in the day. Go on Youtube and search motivational or inspirational and watch the videos. Get in touch with your spiritual self.

So if you want new muscle you need to workout (mental muscle). You have 100% responsibility of your emotional well being. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Are You Happy?

Five minutes had passed and my client had not called in for his coaching session. So I decided to call him, no answer. I left my usual message when a client doesn’t show on time. A couple days had passed and I hadn’t heard from him. On the third day, I received a call from his wife. When I answered my phone, I recognized his number on caller id but it wasn’t him. It was his wife.

Hearing her voice and not his confused me and I thought, “What is going on?”. She began by telling me she was a little behind in returning calls and apologized it took a couple days to get back to me. Then she told me why she was calling and not her husband. She told me her husband died in his sleep just a few day’s ago. I was floored by this news. I thought I just coached him last week. He was such a great person who had a wife a small child.

As she told me the news and replayed it over she became very emotional. She was still in shock herself. I was very sadden by the news and hurt for her and the child. Then she asked me a question. She had an understanding of the coaching process. She new our coaching relationship was open and her husband most likely shared his personal thoughts. She asked a few questions which of course I answered. Then there was a pause and she asked, “Was he happy?” 

Isn’t that the essence of life - happiness. She new her husband wasn’t able to take any of his possessions he had with him. However she wanted to know at his death was he happy in life.

Stop and think about your life for a moment. Are you happy? Do you know what makes you happy? We can get immersed in life and focus on to much. We often lose the true meaning of life. I’ve found so many people don’t live their truest values. I’ve also noticed people don’t know how to define happiness. We make it very difficult to be happy. We need to be very rich in order to be happy. Well what if you’re not rich with money? No happiness for you, yes - no?

Take a moment and write down what you really value in life. Make a list of at least 10 of your top values. If you value meaningful conversations then write it down. I’d recommend after your initial list to give it a day and come back. Do you still agree with your list. Now ask what would it take to live these values. Let’s use the meaningful conversations as an example. If your rule to live that value was to be able to speak with your closest relationships every day in person. Well what if they live halfway around the world?

Here’s the point, we have rules which determines our happiness. If your rule is to be in person with your closest friends but they don’t live near you. Do you see the problem? Don’t make happiness so difficult. Begin to live your values and keep the rules easy.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Your Mind Is The Story

How do you feel when you wake in the morning? When you wake up each morning your true feelings show. So are you happy... frustrated... upset...? We all have a story in us that creates a feeling. I like to refer to it as our program. Deep inside you there’s a program, think of it like a CD. This CD has been created by your experiences both directly and indirectly. Everything in your life has been recorded. Our emotion is the glue.

So lets say when you were young you gave a presentation at school. And lets say it didn’t go so well. You were really nervous and very self conscious. You fumbled through it, stuttered at times. So nervous it was obvious to your classmates. Emotionally it was pretty intense. This was recorded into your mind. The fear that was created was the glue. This experience wouldn’t be forgotten and most likely would become part of your story.

What’s the story? It could fit into many but seems very natural to fit under the “I’m not a good public speaker” . You could have a much harsher story such as, “I’m a horrible public speaker”. You’d tell yourself, “I’ll never do that again”. Which then would go under the “I’m not good enough”. 

So here’s the thing, you don’t wake up each morning with that specific story. As time passes stories begin to get stacked on each other. However you may wake up feeling behind, stressed, maybe confused. If this has been going on for some time that’s because the program has been running. That CD inside you has been running with all the stories. 

You’ve created a behavior from these stories that have been running. So become aware of your behaviors. Do you feel lazy? Or are you the opposite, always on and can’t seem to stop doing? The stories we live by have given strength to our inner voice. Yes, we have a voice inside us that we hear every day. This voice is with you, this voice is there first thing in the morning. What does the voice tell you when you awake? 

As long as you let the voice ramble on the story will continue. You may need to think about this so you can become aware of your voice. We all have one and it loves to control us. If you wake each morning and seem to be unhappy it’s because the voice says you need to do more. You haven’t done enough. You won’t experience freedom because the voice won’t allow it.

So here’s your plan of action. Simply become aware of the voice. Don’t battle it, just hear it. Learn what it tells you and how you use to respond to it’s commands. You are not that voice. Nows the time to hear your authentic voice. Your true voice has been spoken over most of the time. Now’s the time to let it shine. Speak your truth and your life will begin to change. You’ll wake up each day feeling so much better.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

20 seconds of courage...

Over the weekend my family watched "We bought a zoo" starring Matt Damon. It was a very good movie and I'd recommend it. I felt it had a good message and it grabs your heart. Matt Damon plays a dad who loses his wife and left with two children. They move out of the city to the country and purchase a zoo. Matt's brother in the movie gave him a principal to live by. You only need 20 seconds of courage. I love that message! One example in the movie and how he applied it was how he met his wife. He said to himself, "I only need 20 seconds of courage". So he went and introduced himself. Another example was making a decision on what to do about the zoo. I'll leave that for you to watch.

I love the principal that you only need 20 seconds of courage! What would be different in your life if you where courageous for 20 seconds?

This is a true story which gives it even more meaning.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Want Freedom!

Men, I have a question for you? Do you want balance in life or freedom? Yesterday my wife had some time with her girlfriends which I of course supported her. Later in the day she asked, “What do you need?” I didn’t have an answer in the moment. Usually, I think in the context of being balanced. If we are working to much, we want something else. Well after some time passed, I had this high energy thought come through me. I WANT FREEDOM! It made total sense. Balance isn’t as important to men as the finish line. Let’s challenge that thought. When you watch a sports game you love the battle with a time frame. The finish or completion of the game is freedom. We like knowing there’s an end. Does this make sense? Where in your life do you want more freedom? Get clear on what it looks like and take action.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hope... Cope... Or get it Done!

Alright men here’s a situation that maybe you’ve encountered. You have a household dilemma. You learn that the dryer is having issues and not drying the clothes. Oh for you men who have no idea what a dryer is. After your clothes come out of the washer, they need to be dried. They are then placed into the dryer. Okay so now that we got that clear. Back to the dilemma. So once I heard the dryer wasn’t working properly, I was hoping it would fix itself. Oh come on, like you never did the same. I just don’t want to fuss with the damn thing. I’m not an appliance repair guy. Well, I got involved with it once the official repair guy come over.  We were told the heat gismo wasn’t working. After dealing with two different repair guys, the heat gismo was fixed. At least that’s what we thought. As the clothes were piling up we were happy to have it fixed. I was also happy not having to purchase a new dryer. Well after throwing a load in my wife said, “It’s not drying....” Great!!! I thought this was water under the bridge. Over and done. Now I had to cope with a supposedly fixed dryer that’s not drying the clothes. I remember the repair guy telling me as he finished the job. He said, “You need to make sure the ventilation is good so clean the hose. I’m thinking, “Whatever my friend, I wrote you a check and it’s done”. Well after many more attempts of drying, my wife reported back about three times longer to dry.
I spoke with the repair guy and he asked if I cleaned the hose. Yea, sure I did. He actually asked again and when I did it. He knew who he was speaking too, a guy. I wasn’t completely B.Sing him. I cleaned the front where it supposed to collect the lent.
Get it Done! My little experience is an example of how we as men show up. As men we’d be so much better if we step up the first time and just get it done. Well after I got off the phone with the repair guy. I made a decision to clean the tube out. He said if there’s poor ventilation the moisture won’t get out which is the reason the clothes aren’t drying completely. 
After about an hour worth of work I cleaned the tube. It was pretty stuffed up. Have you gone through the hope... cope... behavior? Is there something in your life where you need to step up and get it done? Go for it, face it and get it done. 
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Until next time brother...