Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In the morning rituals

What's the first thing you do when you wake up? Does the first 30-45 minutes matter? I have had many coaching sessions with my clients about starting their day off on the right foot. I believe the first 30-45 minutes in the morning will have a direct result to the rest of the 15 hours your awake. I have found that having morning rituals will bring you happiness. Think about it..... What do you say when you first get out of bed? Oh, today is going to be such a long day... I hate...... You get the point. What you say has such a big impact on your day. You need morning rituals. This doesn't mean you need more time, you just need to change what you're doing with your time. First ask what emotion do you want the morning to set for the rest of the day. Then think about what rituals will support that emotion. Here are some strategies my clients do every morning; exercise, incantations, empowering questions, meditation, nutrition, clarity for the day, reading/listening to motivational materials. This is the short list however you get the idea. Discover your own morning rituals that will bring you happiness every day. Here are some resources to listen too and start your morning off on the right foot

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