Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The crazy eight of emotions

Do you realize you live your life experiencing about 6 to 8 emotions? Oh, yes there are so many more emotions to feel and live. However, we've become very dependent on certain emotions and we've conditioned them so well its difficult to break away. The crazy eight of emotions has to do with you going from the good emotions; happy, confident and determined. To the other side which I refer to as the unresourceful emotional states; hopeless, overwhelmed and frustrated. As you look at the picture see the right side of the horizontal eight as your resourceful emotional states. Each side of the crazy eight represents the emotions you experience the most. So on the right side you have happy, confident and determined. And, on the left side you have hopeless, overwhelmed and frustrated. The process of the crazy eight is you going from side to side. The goal is to live your life on the right side, the resourceful emotions. Awareness is key to create change this is happening in your life. What side of the crazy eight are you living? You're human so it's okay to experience unresourceful emotional states. The bigger question for you, how long do you live there? The more you live a life wearing happiness, excitement, determination, passion, commitment.... the more life you live!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are you prehistoric?

Watch out the dinosaur's are back...! Okay, I'm just kidding and I'm sure you didn't believe me (I hope you didn't). I want to use the dinosaur as a metaphor. As humans one need that's very important is growth. Are you growing or becoming extinct like the dinosaur's? What I've found as a great point of measurement of personal growth is how comfortable you are. How comfortable is your life? Do you find it easy going and possibly a little boring? When we live in the circle of comfort we aren't living an exciting life and we're definitely not growing. So what does it take to get outside of the circle of comfort? Well first you have to make a decision you want more from life. Then raise your standards in your personal and professional life. Whalla... Don't become extinct and live a comfortable life. Live a rich bold life full of possibility! What decision can you make right now to take your life to the next level? Take action NOW.