Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Money Can't buy you success

I have found the number one stressor in people’s lives is money. Over the last couple of years this has been devastating for so many people. What has been the real issue? Should the economy take the full blame? How about those financial institutions that gave the money for nothing to people who shouldn’t of had in the first place. Well we can play the blame game all day long. That won’t resolve anything.
I see it this way – everyone has taken their part in the situation. The people borrowing the money and the financial institutions are both responsible. The question is why? The answer is very simple – human needs. Money is a vehicle that helps people meet their needs. Money was so easy to borrow even though most weren’t qualified. Purchasing that bigger home gave that person the feeling of success. It made them feel significant which is a human need.
What can we learn from this financial disaster? Human needs need to be met at any cost. It’s so important to choose the right vehicle to meet our needs. Money can be a dangerous vehicle. It’s more of a false illusion of success or meeting the need of significance.
The real source of the issue is human emotion. Our emotions lead us to meet our needs. People want success which means a bigger house. The money was easily available so they grabbed it and purchased a home. Emotions are the source of our actions. We need to know how we’re meeting our needs. If you want to feel successful and significant find a vehicle that’s good for you and good for others.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Daily actions compound to success

Success comes one day at a time. I believe there’s so much mystery around success. I actually think people believe it is just going to knock on their front door and say, “I’m here”. We have this instant gratification mentality. We want success now! What is success? Unfortunately, most people measure success by things; money, cars or house. If they don’t have these things, well, then they don’t feel successful.
I’d like to offer you an alternative approach to feeling successful. I’ve personally coached hundreds of people all over the world. So many of them have said, “I know what to do (actions)”. These actions for the most part are simple to do. Here comes a very important distinction – there also simple not to do. We have a choice everyday to do these simple actions or not to do. This is the secret to success. Success doesn’t just show up some day. There is a compounding effect of your actions. By the time you admit you’ve reached success most of the work was done a long-time ago. What you need to do to reach success are actions that are simple to do and simple not to do. Those who are successful understood this theory and disciplined themselves. Those who are still searching for success are dabblers. They don’t do the actions on a consistent basis.
Take one day at a time and make sure you reward yourself every day. Create a strong belief around this theory and allow it to serve you. Success is found when no one is looking – even you.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Concentrate, Focus & Resolve

The lack of focus is one of the biggest challenges with my clients. They can’t put their attention on one task. This drives them crazy because they know this is preventing them from achieving their goals. However their not sure how to fix it. They don’t understand why they can’t see their project through to the end. What they do know is they hate themselves for having this behavior.
I’d like to share a few ideas on how to keep your focus and accomplish your goal. First you must be very clear on what you want. Let’s take a look at an example, how about losing weight. If you’re goal is to feel better or lose weight, you’re in trouble. That’s not a clear outcome, is it? If you don’t know what your target is how are you able to focus? Clarity is really simple but we make it so complicated. So it’s vitally important to get clear. I want to lose 20lbs by April, that’s clear.
Next, get over your story and get out of the way. People lack focus because they have a story why their unable to focus. I don’t have the time… money… skills etc. Your story is the life preserver to get you out of the sea of being uncomfortable. Notice you have a story and ask yourself, “If I choose to keep this story where will my life be in 3 years?” Get the story out of the way because it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.
Having an empowering belief is another nugget to help you stay focused and achieve your goals. Deep within us we have core beliefs that are guiding us unconsciously. We have surface beliefs such as I don’t have the time or I’ll make it happen. Yes these are conflicting but that’s what surface beliefs do. When you dig deeper something like “It will take too long to accomplish” comes out and that’s the limiting belief that guides you unconsciously. So condition a new empowering belief that will support you and most importantly keep you focused.