Saturday, October 26, 2013

Getting Out of a Rut

So what exactly does it mean to be in a rut? Well, number one is if you feel like you're stuck, you feel like you're not moving forward, but you're conscious and aware that you can be doing so much better. You're in a rut. What get's us in a rut? Well, pretty much what we choose to focus on. We might have been let down from all our results that we are not getting. We could be overwhelmed. Typically we're focusing on what's not working really well in our life. That just beats us down. You know it might take a month, it might take a week, depending, but eventually it just gets you down. And then you don't do much. You're still active, but you're disappointed because you know you can be doing so much better. 

So that's what puts us in a rut. So the question is, how do you get out of a rut? It's like eating an elephant. I don't eat to many elephants. I don't know if you do, it's more of a metaphor. You can't eat an elephant with one bite. That's what most people do to try to get out of a rut. Everyone wants to go really really fast. We put too much on our plate and can't get it done which results to frustration. Which ultimately keeps us in a rut. 

So the strategy I recommend with my clients that I am coaching, is start doing the little things. I mean the real small things that give you some momentum. Yeah, initially you're going to beat yourself up, and say, “So what this was so small who cares”. You can't have that voice anymore. You need to do the little things. Start telling yourself, “That was pretty good, I did that!” Then you move on to the next task... Then the next task... You start accumulating some progress, and it starts to feel pretty good. 

You might not even want to admit it, but you're going to think this feels pretty good. What will happen when you take little steps? You’ll start taking action and you’ll also start noticing other things to do. Your focus will begin to change for the better. You’ll start building some momentum up. When you're feeling good you’ll shift into the good energy. Once that happens you can put a little bit more on your plate. Then you can start redefining between tasks and your goals. You get the picture? We all want to move forward and make progress. However the ultimate goals is to achieve life results. 

So if you're in a rut don’t stay there. I hope that strategy works for you. Just remember to become aware that you are in a rut. You need to get in action and start to move even if it means on small actions. 

To your happiness and success.

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